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'Zombies Aetherium Ultra Skin' Bundle is now available in MWIII and Warzone

| GNG Gaming News | Published: December 26, 2023 |

The highly anticipated 'Zombies Aetherium Ultra Skin' is now available in the Modern Warfare III and Warzone store, again...

This bundle was accidentally released by Call of Duty several weeks ago before quickly disappearing, leaving fans confused and disappointed. The good news is that it is now back in the COD Store and isn't going anywhere.

The Aetherium Ultra Skin bundle includes the 'Outbroken' Operator skin for Scorch, Striker 9 and an MTZ-762 Weapon Blueprints, Zombies Refined Aetherium Crystal, Calling Card, Decal and Charm.

This bundle costs the player 2800 COD Points and is available in Modern Warfare III, Warzone and Modern Warfare Zombies.

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