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XDefiant Casual Play Matchmaking will NOT use Skill Based Matchmaking (SBMM)

XDefiant matchmaking image

Ubisoft's XDefiant will not use Skill Based Matchmaking like other popular first-person-shooter games (cough Call of Duty) in its casual play playlist.

XDefiant is an upcoming free-to-play first person shooter with fast paced action utilizing all of the infamous characters in the Ubisoft universe from Rainbow Six to The Division.

The Causal Play playlist will not include SBMM and will instead place players into matches based primarily on latency rather than skill. Ubisoft have shared the matchmaking priority list from Latency to Platform. It is as follows:

Casual Play Matchmaking

  1. Latency

  • Prefers similar pings.

2. Avoided Players

  • Restricts matchmaking between any players currently avoiding one another through muting.

3. Party Size

  • Prefers to match parties against parties of similar size.

4. Region

  • Prefers players from the same region/language.

5. Input Device

  • Prefers players using the same input method.

6. Platform

  • Prefers players using the same platform (PC, Xbox, PlayStation)

XDefiant will launch for free on all platforms on May 21.


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