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When will Warzone Ranked Play be available in Urzikstan?

| GNG Gaming News | Published: November 27, 2023 |


With Modern Warfare III Season 1 about to kick off and integrate fully with Warzone what better time than the present to discuss the modes Ranked Play update and when you can expect to get back to competing on Urzikstan.

On Wednesday, December 6, Modern Warfare III Season 1 will introduce the usual Battle Pass, New Weapons, News Maps and of course store items to purchase. It will also integrate with Warzone, introducing players to the new Urzikstan map.

Players waited 3 years for Call of Duty to add a Ranked mode to the Battle Royale and it seems that during this transitional period, we may have to wait for it to return.

Warzone Ranked Play isn't expected at the launch alongside Season 1. Instead, players will have to wait until "early 2024", according to Warzone's Senior Creative Director, Ted Timmins.

“Going into this new year of Warzone we just want some time to kind of digest that initial feedback… let it breathe, let everything breathe.” Ted Timmins (Warzone's Senior Creative Director)

Rumors have been circulating for a long time now that Verdansk could return to Warzone at some point, with many suggesting it's anniversary of March 10, 2024, the perfect date to drop it. Large portions of Verdansk are seen in the Modern Warfare III Campaign and Multiplayer maps. It could be that Call of Duty are waiting to line them up together but that is pure speculation.

This "breathing room" will allow players to get to grips with Urzikstan before getting sweaty in Warzone Ranked Play, so it's not all bad.

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