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| GNG News COD | Published: July 11, 2023 |


Warzone and DMZ has reached the half-way mark on its 4th Season. As per usual, there is a drop of fresh content to keep players entertained and engaged. A New map, new operator bundles and a new weapon are coming.

Warzone Season 04 Reloaded Roadmap Overview

- New 'MX Guardian' Shotgun

- 'The Boys' Operator Bundles

- New 6v6 MP Map 'Vondel Waterfront'

- The Boys 'Temp V' Field Upgrade (Grants Super powers)

- Vondel Battle Royale

- 'Diabolical' Camo Challenge

- Occupation Scan Public Event

- Raid: Episode 4 (Finale)

- Portable Redeploy Drone (Field Upgrade)

The Season 04 Battle Pass will be getting 5 extra Tiers for players who need an additional grind. Unlocking all 5 Tiers will reward fans with the new MX Guardian Shotgun.

Some of The Seven will be joining the Operator pool as Call of Duty and The Boys crossover. Purchase Homelander, Starlight or Black Noir for 2400 COD Points each.

A 'New' 6v6 Multiplayer map is coming called Vondel Waterfront. If you have played Vondel Resurgence or DMZ you will be familiar with this area. It is cut straight out of the Dutch city map.

Superpowers are coming to Warzone and DMZ through the Temp V Field Upgrade. Activating Temp V will grant the player 1 of 4 Super Powers. Including mega jump, laser eyes and EMP like shockwaves. Although common in Warzone this will be an incredibly rare item in DMZ.

Vondel launched with DMZ and Resurgence. S04 Reloaded will let players choose Battle Royale too, this includes a brand new Gulag, that is allegedly based on the Verdansk Gulag.

To celebrate the introduction of The Boys to Warzone and DMZ, a new Diabolical Weapon Camo Challenge will launch. Complete challenges across all 10 weapon classes to unlock an exclusive weapon camo for each class.

The Occupation Scan event was first introduced on Rebirth Island. Players were alerted of a forthcoming 'Occupation Scan' that would sweep the entire map, revealing anyone who wasn't prone to the rest of the lobby. This time hiding under water will stop you from being detected as well as laying down.

Raid: Episode 4 will release. This is the 4th and final Raid Episode. The mode was due to receive 5 but our guess is that the number of players who played the mode was just so low that Infinity Ward has cut its loses.

If you have played Ashika Island you will be familiar with Redeploy Drones. They allow players to repel into the air and reposition themselves. Now it will be available in Vondel as a Field Upgrade.

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