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What is Tom Clancy's The Division Heartland?

Updated: Apr 26

| GNG Gaming News | Published: December 27, 2023 |

Tom Clancy's The Division Heartlands is an free-to-play, open-world, extraction-based shooter set in the The Division universe. Heartlands is a PVP and PVE FPS title.

Essentially, a deadly virus spread by terrorists has knocked out the entire countries infrastructure and sent America into self-destruct mode, leaving only Division Agents to keep the peace.

Heartlands is set in small-town America, Silver Creek. Players are tasked with uncovering the mysteries surrounding a new breed of poison and why this once peaceful place is now the centre of a violent conflict. Players will face against AI factions and dangerous rogue Division agents (real players).

Ubisoft's Extraction game will offer dynamic conditions including a Night/Day cycle and dynamic gas add to the game's intensity. During the day players are encouraged to explore, complete critical objectives, and scavenge materials and supplies whilst fending off dangerous enemies. When night falls new types of enemies appear and the gas contamination level increases, making it a tougher experience.

As with all Extraction-based games there is a high level of risk and reward, Heartlands will be no different. Players will need to Extract with their valuable loot and goodies each round or lose everything they have gathered upon death.

Heartlands will allow players to store their extracted loot in the Base of Operations (BOO) out-of-game stash. Successfully extracting will allow you to complete more missions, and unlock unique abilities, new map areas, and crucial functions at your base.

Gas, or Contamination, works differently to traditional Extraction or Battle Royale's. Instead of a collapsing circle that slowly gets smaller, pockets of Contaminated areas will move around and grow. Some of the best loot in the game can be found in these zones but it comes at high risk.

As you progress with extractions and objectives you will be able customize your agents' skills, outfits, and go bag. Unlock story elements and level up through multiple upgrade paths.

Heartlands will will expand over time, introducing new gameplay, agents, stories, challenges, and new areas of the map to explore.

The Division Heartlands will come with Cross-Play and Cross-Progression meaning not only can you play with any of your friends, regardless of their platform, but you can also play on different platforms and your efforts carry over.

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