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| GNG NEWS COD | Published: November 11, 2023 |


Treyarch Zombies is back with Modern Warfare III's Modern Warfare Zombies mode. Although, it isn't the traditional round-based zombies mode that fans have come to expect and love it does share some features - one such feature is the Pack-a-Punch machine. PaP is a vital tool in your box to survive the harsh conditions of the dead zone.

What is the Pack-a-Punch machine?

Good old fashioned capitalism. Swap points, or Essence as it is known in Modern Warfare Zombies, to upgrade your weapons damage, ammo count and most importantly camo.

How many times can I Pack-a-Punch weapons?

There are a total of 3 tiers that weapons can be Pack-a-Punched to. Each with an increasing cost but also vast increases to bullet damage.

How much does Pack-a-Punch Cost?

With the 3 tiers comes an increase in the monetary value of each upgrade.

  • Tier 1 Upgrade - 5000 Essence

  • Tier 2 Upgrade - 10,000 Essence

  • Tier 3 Upgrade - 15,000 Essence

Now, you can't just save up 30,000 Essence and blast it on all 3 upgrades right away. You must enter higher and higher Threat Level areas, upgrading a Tier at a time.

Where can I find a Pack-a-Punch machine?

The PaP will appear on both your Tac-Map and Mini-Map once you get close enough. They are found in the Low, Medium and High Threat Zones.

Each upgrade will require you move up a Threat Zone meaning that the 3rd Tier Upgrade is only available in the big red zone in the middle of Urzikstan where the toughest enemies are.

If you are to survive in Urzikstan you will need to use this feature as damage dealt falls off very fast as your progress through the Modern Warfare Zombies zones.

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