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| GNG NEWS COD | Published: November 10, 2023 |


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III may have reintroduced some classic features from previous titles but it has also introduced some new ones too. Namely the new feature 'Tac-Stance'. Let's take a look at what it is and why it's important to know what it is.

Tac-Stance a new feature that tilts your weapon so that it is canted, basically holding your weapon at a funny angle bringing a blend of ADS and Hip fire together. This is a popular method of holding and firing a weapon by real life special forces units, or so I am told.

Why is it important to know that Tac-Stance is now a feature in Modern Warfare III? There a few reasons. Firstly, it will come up as a Weekly or Daily Challenge. Eliminate x amount of enemies whilst in Tac-Stance. Secondly, it is included in some of the Weapon's Camo grind. If you are hoping to get those mastery camo's you'll need to be able to switch to Tac-Stance.

On PC Mouse & Keyboard Tac-Stance is achieved by aiming down site and pressing V. If you need to know the button on Controller it is best to check the controller settings, you may also want to remap it.

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