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| GNG NEWS COD | Published: October 9, 2023 |


Here is a run down of everything happening in Call of Duty this week (October 9 to October 16). We have Operator Bundles and the Modern Warfare III Cross-play Beta to look forward to so lets get straight into it.

Tracer Pack: Doom Bundle - Monday October 9

One of many crossovers happening this Halloween season in Call of Duty. The Doom bundle, taken from the popular video game franchise of the same name, will include a Shotgun and Chainsaw Weapon Blueprint with the Tracer effect. Players will be able to purchase this bundle on October 9 for an currently undisclosed amount of COD Points.

Modern Warfare III: Crossplay Beta - October Thursday 12 - Monday 16

Each year PlayStation is given exclusive access to Weekend 1 of the Call of Duty Beta. This year was no different for the Japanese platform. But, Weekend 2 is just a few short days away now. PlayStation, Xbox and PC players will be able to jump into Modern Warfare III soon.

MWIII Early Access Beta - October 12 - 13 (This requires pre-order or a beta code)

MWIII Open Beta - October 14 - 16 (Open to anyone for free)

There are plenty of rewards included for playing the Beta that users can unlock by leveling up with the final reward being a Beta exclusive 'Test Dummy' Operator Skin.

Tracer Pack: Lilith Operator Bundle - October 15

Diablo IV's hellish villain, Lilith, is coming to Modern Warfare II and Warzone on Sunday 15 October. Flayers will be able to purchase the Operator Bundle witch (see what we did there?) will include the demonic woman herself, Tracer enhanced weapons and other goodies for 2400 COD Points.

That about wraps up everything happening in Call of Duty this week. Follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date with all things Call of Duty.


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