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What is Coming to Modern Warfare Zombies in Season 1?

| GNG Gaming News | Published: December 4, 2023 |


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Season 1 releases December 6, 2023. It will introduce players to a new Battle Pass, Maps, Weapons and a new iteration of Warzone with Urzikstan as the main large map. Some changes are coming to Modern Warfare Zombies too.

In Season 1, Zombies will get its first content drop that includes new Schematics, Warlords, and a new Wonder Weapon, plus a familiar location for a new Threat Zone.

Modern Warfare Zombies Season 1

Season 1 will introduce the Dark Aether Rift. This is a new Zone where players can exfil to from inside Urzikstan, much like you could with Koschei Complex in DMZ. This new challenging zone will reportedly contain Tier IV zombies leading many to believe this is where we will finally see the Tier IV Pack-a-Punch upgrade.

Those who have played Warzone or DMZ over the last year will recognize the Dark Aether location as Al-Bagra Fortress from Al-Mazrah. Classic Activision behavior recycling content. The Dark Aether will be available to those who have completed the Storyline missions and players looking to bump up the difficulty.

New Schematics, Wonder Weapon and more

4 New Schematics are coming with Season 1. V-R11, Dog Bone, Golden Armor Plate and the Aether Blade.

  • V-R11 Wonder Weapon: First seen in Black Ops' Call of the Dead. This Wonder Weapon will turn Zombies and Mercs into friendlies that help you fight the undead.

  • Dog Bone: Summons a Tier III Hellhound that stays with you for the entire game, distracting and fighting Zombies while you get down to business.

  • Golden Armor Plate: This replaces your Plate Carrier with an automatically re-filling one. They will gradually refill over time.

  • Aether Blade: The Aether Blade is a throwing knife that acts like a boomerang, returning to the sender once launched, bouncing off multiple enemies on it's way.

2 more additions include a New Warlord, Dokkaebi, who can be found inside the Dark Aether Rift and a 'Rift Run' which we are assuming is a Rift Key of sorts as seen in Diablo.

Modern Warfare Zombies Season 1 will allow players to progress through the Season 1 Battle Pass and it even offers Zombies specific items and consumables.

Modern Warfare III and Warzone Season 1 launches December 6, 2023.

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