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| GNG NEWS COD | Published: November 11, 2023 |


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Battlenet. It has brought back the classic Call of Duty Zombies mode. There is plenty to discover about the mode and various upgrades to help players survive the undead hordes. One such guiding light is Ammo Mods. But, what are they are what do they do?

What are Ammo Mods in MWZ?

Ammo Mods can be equipped to your weapons within Modern Warfare Zombies. They have a variety of effects that are applied to bullets to help you survive longer. There are a total of 5 Ammo Mods that can be applied to any weapon with different abilities.

Ammo Mods will only give you a chance at causing one of the following effects. They will not be consistently active. Ammo Mods such as Dead Wire and Napalm Burst will happen once every 5 - 10 Zombie kills but Brain Rot might take more kills before it kicks in.

Where do I find Ammo Mods?

There are a total of 5 different Ammo Mods that can be found in MWZ Urzikstan. They are a blue-tiered loot so are less common than other items but can be found in Loot Caches and given as a Reward for completing Contracts and in-game Events.

What are the different Ammo Mod types and effects?

  • Brain Rot - This Ammo Mod will turn a random zombie into a friendly. It will run around killing other zombies and attacking bosses. Brain Rot is not just limited to Zombies either, there is a chance it can turn Hellhounds, Manglers and nearly any of Boss type.

  • Cryo Freeze - This Mod will literally freeze zombies once it pops off. Making them stop or walk incredibly slowly. Very handy when in sticky situations. It also damages the Zombies and gives the player a chance to kill them instant by shattering them.

  • Dead Wire - This is an Electric Ammo Mod that fires bolts of lightening into Zombies causing them to take damage and freeze in place. It has a chance to chain to other enemies nearby.

  • Napalm Burst - This is a Fire Ammo Mod. Literally burn your enemies using this Mod.

  • Shatter Blast - This one turns Zombies into glass-like creatures that will shatter once broken.

Is it easy to swap Ammo Mods?

Ammo Mods can be switched at any time. When you come across a new Ammo Mod that you'd like to use you can apply it or swap it with the one currently on your weapon. They can even be stored in your Rucksack for later in the game in case you are trying to complete a specific daily, weekly or zombies challenge.

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