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Warzone x Vanguard Season 5 release date and details

Season 5 starts very soon. Here is everything we know so far.


Season 4 is nearly over. That means we should be getting the Season 5 reveal and its Roadmap for Warzone x Vanguards 5th Season this week. Season 4 Officially ends on August 24th.

Release Date & Times

Wednesday 24th August

  • 9 AM PT

  • 11 AM CT

  • 12 PM ET

  • 5 PM BST

  • 6 PM CEST

It is highly likely that the reveal for Season 5 will be Wednesday August 17th.

What can we expect for Season 5?

Well, more of the same thing we always get. 2 new weapons included in the battle pass, 3 new operators and a bunch of other cosmetic items. Caldera, Rebirth and Fortune's Keep will probably get some new POI's or updates to freshen them up.

Rumours suggest that there may be an event based on Netflix's 'Umbrella Academy' at some point during this season, but nothing has officially been stated yet. Data miner @real1ty has discovered lines of code that link to the popular TV show.

We are holding our first ever Giveaway over on Twitter where follows have the chance to win a Battle Pass for Season 5. Be sure to check out @GreatNewsGamer for more details.



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