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Warzone x Vanguard: Season 5 'Last Stand' Release Date and Times

The fifth and final season has been announced for Vanguard, but when can you play it?


Call of Duty: Vanguard is entering it's fifth and final season. It looks set to be an absolute banger, packed with some nutty content. What is coming and when?

Warzone x Vanguard Season 5 'Last Stand'

August 24th

  • 9 AM PT

  • 12 PM ET

  • 5 PM BST

  • 6 PM CEST

This season looks bat shit crazy. We're getting bad-guy operators from previous Call of Duty games including Advanced Warfare, Black Ops and Modern Warfare. 5 New guns are coming including the EM1, an energy rifle from Advanced Warfare.

You can read the entire Call of Duty blog here:



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