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Warzone: Vargo-S Easy Unlock Guide

Season 4 Reloaded is here, along with it comes a few updates and a new assault rifle. The Vargo-S.


The new Assault Rifle the Vargo-S has serious potential to becoming the new meta for Warzone, it has a great fire rate and low recoil. Unlocking this weapon couldn't be easier.

Vargo-S Unlock Challenge

  • Get 15 Close Range Kills

It's that easy. This can be completed in Warzone or Vanguard with ease. We hopped on to Vanguard to do ours and managed to complete it in a single match.

Usually for these challenges you must use a weapon from that class but with this unlock you can use any weapon, we chose to use the Blixen personally.

You want to aim for the smaller maps - conveniently there is a 'Small Maps' playlist live on Vanguard at the moment that throws you into the smaller maps. Perfect for completing this challenge.

Once you've gotten the 15 close range kills an on-screen notification will pop up to let you know that its unlocked. You will then be able to add attachments to the gun.

Once we've fully levelled the Vargo-S up we will post the best build!



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