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Warzone: Season 4 Battle Pass Breakdown

Seaon 4 Mercenaries of Fortune is well underway now, along with it comes the classic Battle Pass. Once purchased you get 100 Tiers of content. What do you get and is it worth buying?


The Battle Pass, like it or not, is here to stay. The revenue made from Battle Passes and Bundles is unlike anything Activision has ever seen. Bringing in billions of dollars every quarter for the franchise.

What is a Battle Pass?

Players trade their hard-earned cash for a Battle Pass, a limited-time event that allows consumers to unlock 100 tiers of content. The time you get to unlock all of these items varies but has recently been sitting around 64 days. 100 tiers may seem a lot but you have over 2 months to finish it off.

How do you earn tiers?

Levelling tiers up is gameplay time based. The actual time it takes to unlock 1 tier seems to be between 45 minutes - 1 hour. Previous season's have seen experiements with this alloted time and also bugs that caused players to have painfully slow level-up times. The main thing to take away here though is it will cost you your time to level it up.

How much does it cost?

There are 2 versions of the Battle Pass. The standard version will give you 100 tiers to unlock with 100+ items to collect. A few bonus items are given to the player on purchase and further extra rewards for hitting level 100. There is also a bonus Bundled version of the Pass. This will usually give a bonus Operator skin or two but is double the price of the standard Battle Pass.

The standard pass will cost you 1000 COD Points (£8.99) while the bundled edition will set you back 2400 COD Points (£16.49). COD Points can be purchased in the store. We have never seen them reduced in price or on-sale.

There are bundles in the store that will give players Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints and other cosmetic items + 2400 COD Points though for the same price as 2400 COD Points. These can be found in the franchise store if you scroll down to the bottom of the page.

What do you actually get?

100 Tiers + Bonus Items. There is a wide variety of items you unlock over the course of the season. Lets break it down and show you what you get for Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune.

  • 18 Double XP Tokens (Weapon, Career, Battle Pass and Operator + Quad XP Tokens).

  • 12 Operator Skins.

  • 20 Weapon Blueprints

  • 2 FREE Weapons

  • 10 Calling Cards

  • 16 Stickers

  • 7 Weapon Charms

  • 3 Watches

  • 2 Player Titles

  • 2 Sight Reticles

  • 2 Executions

  • + 1300 COD Points

You don't have to buy the battle pass to unlock some of these. They are rewarded for free to the player who plays the game but doesn't buy the pass anyway. This includes the 2 new weapons.

If you buy the standard battle pass for 1000 COD Points you'll in-theory never have to buy one ever again as you can earn 1300 COD Points every season. You can take those 1300 and buy the next seasons pass for 1000 points and have +300 left each season, which adds up over time. We didn't think we'd be writing about COD Points Investments and savings today, but here we are.

In additon to the digital items you'll recieve for buying the pass you will get a 10% XP boost for the entire season. If you own Vanguard you'll get even more with 10% Weapon XP, 10% Battle Pass XP, and 10% XP boost.

Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune

2 New Weapons - Marco 5 (SMG) and the UGM-8 (LMG) + some of the Blueprints and Operator Skins, Calling Cards and the bonus Captain Butcher skin for buying the season pass bundle version.

Is it worth the price?

We think so, atleast if you are strong and only purchase it the one time and then use the COD Points you recieve from it to pay for the next season's worth of content. Warzone is a free-to-play game so dropping £8.99 one time for endless free content is rather a good deal for the consumer. Having said that you do not need to buy the battle pass to enjoy the game or any of it's weapons. The guns are given to anyone who plays the game enough each season anyway. It's all purely cosmetic skins and blueprints otherwise. If you're not bothered by how your gun or character looks then save yourself a tenner.



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