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| GNG News COD | Published: July 3, 2023 |


DMZ and Warzone Season 04 has been the shortest Season yet. This means that the Reloaded mid-season update is arriving sooner than usual. As always, it contains a fair chunk of new content and updates. Let's take a look at everything that we know is coming and dates and times for the update.

Warzone Season 04 Reloaded Update Release Date & Time

Season 04 Reloaded will launch on July 12, 2023.

  • 9 am PT

  • 12 pm ET

  • 5 pm UK

  • 6 pm CET

Warzone Season 04 Reloaded Update Content

  • New REDACTED Shotgun

  • 5 New Battle Pass Tiers

  • Vondel Battle Royale (New Gulag)

  • Return of Occupation Scan Public Event

  • New Quest for [[REDACTED]] involving [[REDACTED]]

  • New Multiplayer Map 'Vondel Waterfront'

  • Raid: Episode 4 (Finale)

  • The Boys x Warzone crossover event

Occupation Scan Public Event Explained

Occupation Scan was first introduced in 2022 on Rebirth Island. During matches players were alerted by an Occupation Scan. At this point, they needed to go prone or their position would be revealed on the Tac Map and Minimap. This event is set to return for S04 Reloaded.

We don't know any more about the new 'Quest' that is being added to the game. It could be a continuation of the Assault on Vondel Event that is somehow linked to The Boys operators arriving.

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