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Warzone's One-Shot DOOM Super Shotgun is back with a Vengeance

| GNG Gaming News | Published: December 18, 2023 |

The DOOM Shotgun rose to the top of the Meta board when it released during the The Haunting of Al-Mazrah event just a few months ago. The OP Lockwood build was a one-tap machine, well, it is back from the dead and better than ever.

It appears that the Lockwood and its DOOM Blueprint have received an accidental buff in the recent patch update and it is unlikely to be fixed this side of Christmas now.

Players are feeling the full force of this absolute close range meta weapon once more. If you'd like to be on the giving end of this brutal shotgun then you can still purchase Tracer Pack: DOOM that includes the Super Shotgun, a Chainsaw melee weapon and other DOOM related items in the Warzone and Modern Warfare III Store for 1800 COD Points.

It appears that the Super Shotgun, mixed with the new Modern Warfare III Movement, is better than ever. If and when a Nerf for this OP Close Range option is introduced is anyones guess. The Call of Duty Dev's are now away for the Holiday period and they aren't expected to return to the office until early January 2024.

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