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Warzone Rebirth Island Secret Challenges and Rewards Season 3

| GNG News COD | Published: April 7, 2024 |

Rebirth Island is back in Warzone after being MIA for nearly 2 years. The classic Resurgence map has undergone some facial changes but remains largely as it was back in 2022. The reintroduction of the fan-favourite map has also bought 16 secret challenges with unique rewards for players to unlock. This is a list of everything we know so far.

Culture Wars

"Get 1 Win in High Trip Resurgence."

Reward: That's a Lot of Molecules (Weapon Camo)

Season 3 Resurgence Mastery

"Complete all Season 3 Resurgence Challenges."

Reward: Vehicle Camo

Resurgence Wins

"Get 1 and 10 Wins in Resurgence on any map."

Rewards: Calling Card and Golden Parachute

Resurgence Avenge

"Avenge your Squad 25 times in Resurgence on any map."

Reward: Accessible (Emblem)

Resurgence Headshots

"Get 100 Operator Headshots in Resurgence on any map."

Reward: Nat Twenty (Weapon Charm)

Season 3 Rebirth Mastery

"Complete all Season 3 Rebirth Challenges."

Reward: Sky Piercer (Parachute Skin)

Rebirth Contracts

"Complete 50 Contracts on Rebirth Island."

Reward: It's His First Day (Weapon Charm)

Rebirth Loot

"Open 250 Containers on Rebirth Island."

Reward: Fire Below (Loading Screen)

Rebirth Squad Landing

"Perform 25 Squad Assemble on Rebirth Island."

Reward: The Tower (Emblem)

Rebirth Squad Rage

"Affect 100 Squadmates with Squad Rage on Rebirth Island"

Reward: Blood in the Water (Sticker)

Rebirth Drive Once

"Drive a vehicle in 25 Matches on Rebirth Island."

Reward: Ominous Runner (ATV Vehicle Skin)

Rebirth Three UAV Towers

"As a Squad, have 3 UAV towers active at the same time on Rebirth Island."

Reward: Missing Home (Sticker)

Culture Play

"Complete 1 match in High Trip Resurgence."

Reward: Take One and Wait 30 Minutes (Weapon Charm)

Resurgence Loaded Play

"Complete 1 match in Resurgence Loaded."

Reward: Put 'Em Up (Weapon Charm)

Complete the Main Easter Egg

"Blueprint Unlocked."

Reward: DG-58 Weapon Blueprint

Resurgence Loaded Wins

"Get 1 Win in Resurgence Loaded."

Reward: Vehicle Camo

This list will be updated and edited once more information is found.

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