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Warzone: Opening the Secret Vault in Keep (Fortune's Keep Easter Egg)

A guide on how to complete the Secret Vault Easter Egg in Fortune's Keep.


This is a guide on how to open the Secret Vault in Keep on Fortune's Keep. You will need to collect 2 Wine Bottles before you can open the 'secret' vault within the Keep. This guide lays out 4 known permanent locations (and a bonus one) the Wine Bottles spawn and where to stick 'em.

Step 1 - Gather 2 Wine Bottles

Firstly, you'll need to drop in around the Keep area. You will have to collect 2 Wine Bottles. There are a few different locations these can be found.

Location 1 - roof top terrace.

The first location for the Wine Bottles is on a table on this small rooftop terrace (see marker).

Location 2: Kitchen Table

The closest location to the rooftop spot is the building connected to it. Drop down to street level and enter the door. The Wine Bottle can be found on a work surface in a small kitchen on the bottom floor of the building. (see my player arrow)

Location 3: Keep walls

Another place these Wine Bottle's spawn in a small building within the Keep walls. It's on a small rooftop, again found on a table. (see my players arrow).

Location 4: The Church

Found on the ground floor of the Church building in the 'Terraces' area. You'll see it on a table at the end of the building. (see marker)

Bonus Location: Your Enemies Cold, Dead Hands

Another way to obtain Wine Bottles is from the bodies of dead players. If the player has collected a bottle they will drop it on their death. That means you can steal them, but it also means you can drop them too so stay alive for this one.

Step 2 - Head to Keep

Once you have 2 Wine Bottles head to Keep. You'll want to go to the side closest to the sea, head up the stairs and you'll find a room with a huge table running down the middle of it.

Step 3 - Place the Wine Bottles

On the back wall there is some bookcases. Place the bottles on the middle bookcase and it will push back revealing a secret room.

Completed it mate

This will complete the Wine Bottle Easter Egg. Within the room is random weapons, cash and equipment. On my attempt I got the Red 'REDACTED SNIPER RIFLE'.



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