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Warzone News: Season 4 Roadmap Explained

We've got our first proper peak at whats to come in Season 4 for Warzone and Vanguard. It looks set to be a pretty jam packed season. What's included?


Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune Roadmap

Fortune's Keep - NEW Resurgence Map

Let's start at the top and work our way around. We've seen lots of different images and clips from Fortune's Keep, it's hardly news at this point but what was somewhat of a shock announcement is that FK will be available to play alongside Rebirth Island. Players were concerned that Rebirth was getting taken out of circulation, but it would appear we will now have three maps to choose from going forward.

Call of Duty shared a bunch of high-res images of various POI's across Fortune's Keep. Above is Smugglers Cove. Other locations pointed out on the roadmap include Winery, Town, and Keep.

Warzone: Caldera Update

A few days ago, @CharlieIntel expressed a suspicion that Storage town, the infamous location from Verdansk, was returning to Warzone and they were bang on the money. It is being introduced into Caldera, placed between Mines, Airfield, Dig site and Village.

Although players will feel like they are somewhere very familiar it sounds like it has been modified to an extent to make it feel like a fresh location. There seems to be a large water tower in the centre now and additional types of cover.

It will be roughly as veterans remember it: a sprawling complex of lockers filled with Contracts and item spawns, as well as a few warehouses that allow for great views over the area.

Changes to 7 POI's are also on the way with the addition of some new ones. Although, Call of Duty is trying to maintain expectation by referring to these as 'Micro' POI's. It'll likely come in the form of a few buildings huddled together or slight reworks of already existing spots.

The update see's Vaults being introduced to the map, this of course won't be the first-time veteran Warzone players have seen this as underground bunkers have been in the game for many years now on Verdansk, Rebirth and even Caldera. They'll offer high rewards for high risk. You'll be pretty set after unlocking the vaults and taking the loot, but other players will be having the same idea.

The final point of note about Caldera is the vegetation. It has been reduced by 50% meaning a hell of a lot less bushes, trees, and overgrowth obscuring players visibility. The official story line here is that a great drought has come to Caldera, which has drained the rivers and lakes as well as killing half the plant life.

NEW Features

An Armoured SUV is being added for players to cruise about in. It'll surely have a much higher damage resistance than other vehicles and comes equipped with a .50 cal machine gun on the top so as you drive around your buddy can gun people down. Again, this isn't something new for the mode but it makes a return in a slightly different form. It'll probably play a vital role in upcoming game modes.

Other features being added in across the season include

  • Portable Redeploy

  • ATM's

  • Black Market Run

  • EMP Grenade

  • Cash Extraction

Portable Redeploy will allow players to redeploy from any location. ATM's will malfunction and spit out cash for players to pick up. The Black-Market Run is a new objective that will reward players with a special Black Market box that will offer different buyables than the standard shop. EMP grenade can be used to stop vehicles and certain sights and Cash Extraction will allow players to ambush random mercenaries trying to airlift money off the island and take it for themselves.

Four NEW Modes

Fortune's Keep resurgence.

This is pretty self-explanatory to anyone who's played Rebirth. You die, you get to come back if a team member is still alive and you're not close to the final circle.

Golden Plunder.

Like blood money but will boost player count from 100 to 120, players drop a lot more cash on death and to win you need to make $5 Million. New ways of making money have been added with the ATM's and Golden Key-cards used to access the new vaults.

Titanium Trials.

Dunno, probably a new take on Iron Trials.

Rebirth of the Dead.

This one gets us very, very excited. Too excited. Rebirth Island is set to be overrun by zombies. We personally can't get enough of the zombies/ghost modes from Halloween so we're super pumped this is coming and look forward to it.

NEW Vanguard Update - New Maps

Multiplayer is getting some fresh content too with USS Texas 1945, a map we've seen before in Call of Duty: WWII and Desolation. Both coming day 1 of the season.

Round-based zombies returns with Shi No Numa, players will be able to complete a main easter egg quest, a wonder weapon quest, unlock a new pack-a-punch camo and gather new intel for the storyline.

Finally, we're getting 4 new weapons this season. The Macro 5 SMG, UGM-8 LMG, Push Dagger melee weapon and the Vargo-S Assault Rifle.

Then of course there is lots of new bundles and operators for players to spend their hard-earned cash on coming too.

Final thoughts

That wraps up our in-depth look at the season 4 roadmap, we know for a fact we've missed a few things out and we're sure there will be plenty of surprises along the way, but it looks set to be another great season of FREE content for players. We're looking forward to dropping into Fortune's Keep and playing Rebirth of the Dead personally. Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune releases June 22nd.



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