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Warzone News: Caldera Changes Coming with Season 4.

It's not long now till June 22nd when Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune kicks off for Warzone and Vanguard and not only are we getting a new map with Fortune's Keep but Caldera is getting some love too.


This week we’ve been introduced and shown around the new map Fortune’s Keep that will be joining Warzone for Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune on June 22nd. It looks like Caldera is set to receive some love to with the latest updating coming to Warzone next week.

Caldera has been a hot topic ever since it launched. Many prefer the map over the original Verdansk, some absolutely detest it whilst others are just happy to have fresh new content to play around with. But with the upcoming update it looks like a few areas are set to have a revamp. There is even a classic Verdansk location snuck in.

So lets take a look. The first thing of note is that there are 7 points of interest being added/updated for Caldera. With new underground vaults to explore, new micro POI’s and overall visibility with 50% of the foliage being removed completely.

The keen eyed CoD God's over at @CharlieIntel did notice a familiar location pop out on the updated map layout posted on Twitter by Call of Duty. Storage. Storage was always a semi-hot drop location in the original map for Warzone, bordering Superstore it was a fan favourite location for those looking for ‘some’ action, but not too much. It's been plopped into the fields between Village and Mines.

Other locations that are set for the big spruce up include Airfield, Power Plant, Fields, Resort, Runway and Arsenal. It is likely it’ll be fairly subtle changes across these areas, possibly addition buildings or layout reworks but a welcome change all the same. It’s not likely that we’ll see many huge changes to Caldera at this stage as Modern Warfare and Warzone 2.0 are just a few months away now. It seems daft for Raven or any other company working on the mode to put huge amounts of resources into a map that’ll be binned later this year.

Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune releases June 22nd on all platforms. Check out the Story Cinematic below. It doesn't give us much but it shows a mix of operators from various nationalities duking it out in the jungle of Caldera - obviously signalling they are now mercenaries rather than soliders for a certain side of the war.



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