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Warzone: Mercenaries of Fortune Season 4 Reloaded Start Times and Details

Here is everything we know about Mercenaries of Fortune Reloaded so far.


No official details have been revealed yet but give previous seasons and a little bit of working out we know that Season 4 Reloaded is releasing in late July. It brings with it some new modes, new weapons and a new operator, amongst other things.

Season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune arrived on June 22nd, meaning the halfway point of the season given the amount of days left on the battle pass is July 26th. We expect it at the usual update time of 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM UK.

Reloaded is the mid-way point of the season where a fresh batch of content releases to liven the game up a bit. We know a lot of the stuff that is coming thanks to the Roadmap shared at the start of season 4.

New Weapons

Two new weapons are set to join the armoury. An assault Rifle the Vargo-S and the melee knife The Push Dagger. These will require players to complete a set challenge to unlock them as we've previously seen. We will have guides on how to unlock these weapons and the best way to level them up when they arrive.

New Operator

At the start of Season 4 we were introduced to a new batch of Vanguard operators. known as Special Operations Task Force 009: Immortal. We have already met two out of three of these operators with Captain Butcher and Callum Hendry, we are just waiting on a bundle for Ikenna Olowe.


Activisions blog post at the start of the season teased a new mode coming to Warzone called Titanium Trials - this was loosely described as a variant of the popular Iron Trials.

"There are strange rumors concerning an undead surge and the ultimate test for operators coming online…"

Another limited-time mode was also teased with the roadmap for S4, "Rebirth of the Dead". We expect this to be similar to The Haunting of Verdansk. Once a player dies, they return as a zombie and must collect vials from dead soldiers to return as a human again. This was our personal favourite game mode ever so we're super hyped for this one.


The core multiplayer fans are getting a new map called Desolation. This small-to-medium sized map is set in a cluttered village that's been destroyed. The map is focused on a large building in the centre with creeks surrounding it.

There is nothing further mentioned for Zombies this season. With the release of the first round-based map for Vanguard that included a main story easter egg and many side quests too, they are likely happy that it's enough zombies' content for this season.

Final Thoughts

It's always nice to get a fresh batch of content in Call of Duty. The new modes, new weapons and new maps are a welcome addition for the game. We are particularly looking forward to Rebirth of the Dead and having the Vargo-S to unlock and level up. It'll be interesting to see what's new with the update Iron Trials mode too.

When more details and an updated roadmap are released, we will share more details so stay tuned.



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