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Warzone: Get 100 kills at Storage Town in Caldera Guide (Storing Bodies Challenge)

EZ PZ guide to complete "Storing Bodies" for the Mercenaries of Fortune event in Warzone.


Season 4 of Vanguard's Warzone is underway. Along with the fresh bout of content we have Mercenaries of Fortune. A two week event with 8 total challenges to complete. This guide is focused on "Storing Bodies" - players must get 100 kills in Storage Town in Caldera. It sounds like a ball-ache but its actually an easy one to get done, it just requires a little bit of time.

Step 1 - Select the 'Golden Plunder' game mode

Queue for Plunder. At the moment players can queue up to play Golden Plunder, a new variation of Plunder released specifically for Season 4. It's almost identical but players must collect $5 million instead of the classic $1 milli.

Step 2 - Go to Storage Town in Caldera

Drop into Storage Town. You'll want to drop into Storage Town in Caldera.

Step 3 - Get 100 Kills in Storage Town, Caldera

Golden Plunder is your absolute best bet at completing this one fast. Plunder allows you to continuously drop into Storage Town (as long as your team doesn't wipe) and rack up those kills. The standard Battle Royale route would be extremely time consuming. Get 100 Kills within the area to complete.

Challenge Completed

Once completed "Storing Bodies" you will unlock the 'Death Prospector' camo. You will be able to apply this camo to any Vanguard weapon.



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