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Fortune's Keep: Watermelon Easter Egg Guide (Warzone)

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Here is a neat little Easter Egg in Fortune's Keep that you can do to get some free loot in the early game.


Fortune's Keep is packed full of cool little Easter Eggs and things for players to find and enjoy. This is a guide on how to complete the Bullseye one that will open a secret room. It entails a watermelon, a knife and a dartboard.

Step 1 - Head to Town

Make your way to town. Land on rooftop of the building that we have marked below. It is just to the right of the Buy-Station.

Step 2 - Shivved Watermelon

On the rooftop of this building, you will see a bar (we'll have a pint of the lager while you are there) On the bar you will find a watermelon with a throwing knife stabbed into it. Collect the knife and drop down to the street. Head back into the same building and move up the stairs to the next floor up.

NOTE: It does NOT have to be this throwing knife, you can use your own from a loadout or a looted one from the ground. This is just the fastest way to complete this Easter Egg at the start of the match.

Step 3 - That's a BULLSEYE

You will come across a Dartboard. Stand and throw your throwing knife into the dartboard, aiming for the bullseye (the dot in the middle). We're pretty sure it doesn't matter if you hit the bullseye or not but bragging rights and all that.

Step 4 - Open Says Me

Immediately to your right there is a door that was locked before that now swings open. In here you will find some random loot. On our attempt we got the Orange 'Red Room' SMG.


It's as simple as that. Again, this one is extremely easy unless a lot of players are heading to that area at the start of the game. Remember, you don't need to use the throwing knife found in the watermelon, you can bring your own cutlery.

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