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Warzone: BEST PC Settings for Caldera, Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep

YouTuber 'ALBU Performance' has come in clutch with these PC settings. We tried them out for ourselves and were very impressed. More frames + higher quality. Thumbs up.


Warzone can be incredibly stressful on your PC and finding the perfect settings to allow as many frames per second while maintaining a smooth high res image quality can be a pain in the arse. Well, YouTuber ALBU Performance has us covered. These settings will allow you to get the maximum performance without blowing your PC into outer space.

ALBU uploads in-depth, high quality content covering loads of different games including Warzone, Valorant, CS:GO and more. Be sure to check out his channel here.

Call of Duty: WARZONE

Best Settings

Streaming Quality: LOW

Texture Resolution: NORMAL

Texture Filter Anisotropic: HIGH

Particle Quality: HIGH

Bullet Impact & Sprays: DISABLED

Tessellation: DISABLED

On-Demand Texture Streaming: DISABLED

Filmic Strength: 1.00

Film Grain: 0.00

Anti-Aliasing: SMAA T2X

Depth of Field: DISABLED

World Motion Blur: DISABLED

Weapon Motion Blur: DISABLED

Shadow Map Resolution: HIGH

Cache Spot Shadows: ENABLED

Cache Sun Shadows: ENABLED

Particle Lighting: LOW

DirectX RayTracing: DISABLED

Ambient Occlusion: DISABLED

Screen Space Reflection (SSR): DISABLED

Dynamic Resolution: DISABLED

Check out the detailed explanation below from YouTuber ALBU. He is an amazing content creator!



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