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Warzone: 5 Alternative Weapons to use in Warzone Right Now.

If you, like us, are bored of using the NZ-41 / Marco 5 then fear not, we have 5 alternatives to share with you.


The NZ-41 meta has been dominating for weeks at this stage, even after it's received three hefty nerfs it still sits at the top of the current meta. But, the gap between top meta and meta is closing in nicely these days with other weapons getting a buff, in some cases even untouched weapons are slipping back into the usable category.

1. KG M40

This long-range assault rifle was the meta at one point but various nerfs sent it down the rankings. Well, now it is back and a more than viable replacement for the NZ-41.

2. Nikita AVT

This is more of a sniper support build than a long-distance one. The slate reflector sight allows you to fight people at short to medium range. Perfect to combine with a long distance sniper rifle. Surprisingly good weapon choice.

3. H4 Blixen

Used to be the SMG Meta before several nerfs knocked it off the top spot but still sits in a decent place. A much more fluid and faster moving SMG. The perfect replacement for the Marco 5.

4. Type 100

This one has never really taken off and been top dog for a long period of time, but it is certainly worth using. Great movement speed and accuracy make it a great replacement for the Marco 5.

5. Bruen MK9

This classic LMG from Modern Warfare 2019 spent some time as the meta in Verdansk, with its high fire rate and low recoil, many players favoured this beast. It seems to have slipped back into the viable meta category once more. We're happy to see it competing again.

Final Thoughts

That wraps up our list of alternatives for players who are bored shitless of the NZ-41 / Marco 5 meta. There is a whole bunch of other weapons that can be used but these are some our favourites.

Overall, the weapon performance gap seems to be closing which is great for players, it means that most guns perform on a similar level. We are one step closer to being able to use which ever gun we want when we want.

Which weapons are you using? Are you a traditional stick to the meta type of person or do you like to experiment?



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