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The Mid-Season Update for Warzone 2, DMZ and Modern Warfare II isn't far away now so we are rounding up everything that we know is coming with the highly anticipated update.

| 27 November 2022 |


For some, the Season 01 Update can't come fast enough. Not because they can't wait to get their hands on the Gaz Operator Bundle but because it will undoubtably bring much needed fixes to a very buggy Warzone 2. Players have been plagued with bugs and crashes since the launch of Warzone 2 earlier this month. Hope is in sight.

It is our hope that we get a heafty amount of fixes, quality of life improvements and the re-introduction of some features missing from the COD HQ games. Leaderboards and Combat Records to name a few.

Warzone 2 Season 01 Reloaded

It has been confirmed by the devs that Warzone 2 Season 01 Reloaded will release on December 14 2022. As we stated we aren't sure what type of fixes we will see but there will be plenty of content for you to grind and spend cash on.


British 141 Task Force Operator 'Gaz' is coming with the season update.

A REDACTED Operator has also been teased named Klaus. We're pretty sure this will be some kind of badass Nordic version of Santa Claus.


As with all mid-season updates a new weapon will be available to unlock through challenges or by purchasing bundles in the store. The Chimera Assault Rifle (Call of Duty: Ghost's Honey Badger) has an integrated suppresor and slow, high-energy .300 BLK rounds. It also comes with Subsonic Ammo that hides skulls from the enemy team.

Other Stuff Coming

There are two more things that we know for sure are coming in the Season 01 Reloaded update. A new mode and a 'new' map.


The fan favourite map returns to Modern Warfare II. This is the perfect map to complete those Weapon Camo challenges and leveling weapons. The tiny map will this time be set on a ship. Yup, that's right. Shipment is now actually set on a Ship.


Raids are a new type of game mode never seen in Call of Duty before. Those familar with Destiny raids will feel right at home. Up-to three players pitch in to kill enemies, complete puzzles and other tricky tasks before entering a boss battle to unlock rewards. The first Raid comes with Season 01 Reloaded with more expected in coming seasons.

What are you hoping for the most in Warzone 2 Season 01 Reloaded? We are desperate for lots of fixes, DMZ improvements and our first go on Raids.



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