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Ashika Island has many Easter Eggs. Find and collect 'Sea Treasure Tokens' to spend at specific locations.

| 19 February 2023 |


Ashika Island was developed by High Moon Studios who are getting themselves the reputation of being master Easter Egg creators. Fans had a great time trying to solve everything Fortune's Keep had to offer and so far Ashika Island is scratching that same itch.

You may have come across some 'Sea Treasure Tokens' during your time playing Ashika Island Resurgence and wondered what they were for. Well, wonder now more. They can be put into slot machines that spit out random pieces of loot.

There are 3 locations you can redeem these tokens at across the map.

  • Town Center Gas Station

  • Residential Gas Station

  • Beach Club Gas Station

Each spin will give the player a random piece of loot. This could be a single plate, equipment or even a weapon. The tokens are absolutely everywhere. I have collected as many as 7 in a single round. Enemy players will drop them and they can pop out of loot caches.

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