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Call of Duty fans have taken to twitter to attack or defend the bundle celebrating the Chinese New Year but is it an overreaction?


It has to be said that Call of Duty has the most passionate fans, when something isn't right or is controversial it will be hotly debated across YouTube, Twitter and other social media platforms. The latest controversy comes from the 'Lunar New Year' bundle, released this week to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Some players immediately took up issue with one of the weapon blueprints, the 'Saekdong' with similarities being drawn to the MAPs flag, a flag that represents those attracted to minors.

Traditional 'Saekdong' fabrics.

This appears to be a coincidence as the 'Saekdong' is actually a traditional Korean multicolored garment, consisting of stripes of bright colours based on the philosophical concept of the five elements.

Although it appears to us as an unfortunate coincidence, not all members of the Call of Duty Community agreed. It stirred up very heated responses across Twitter and other social media platforms, with many shocked and offended by the blueprint.

This very quickly became a political and religious issue for some. With YouTuber CallofShame tweeting "why should Christian and Muslims be exposed to this nonsense?".

Honestly we believe this is an honest mistake and was never intended to offend or upset any member of the gaming community. As seen in the examples above it is clearly a traditional Saekdong inspired design. It is a shame that what began as a cultural celebration has quickly spiraled into accusations towards Activision-Blizzard and the employees behind the blueprint.


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