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A new resurgence map is coming to Warzone 2 for Season 02. We've gotten our first look at the small, fast pace map, Ashika Island.


We have got our first look at the new resurgence map coming to Warzone 2 with the Season 02 update on 15 February. It is set on a small Japanese island that includes several notable points of interest including a traditional Japanese castle, shipwreck and a Beach Club. Fans of Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep have had to wait a long for a new Resurgence map to be added to the newest version of Call of Duty Warzone. The wait is nearly over.

This map will be used for Resurgence, DMZ and Multiplayers Ground War mode. We are awaiting further details on what type of content we can expect for DMZ in Ashika Island, it is our hope that we see new Faction Missions and possibly even a new Faction introduced alongside the map.

Ashika Island is made up of 9 main points of interest:

  • Oganikku Farms

  • Town Center

  • Residential

  • Tsuki Castle

  • Shipwreck

  • Beach Club

  • Port Ashika

  • Underground Waterway

Underground Waterway, Beach Club, Town Center and Tsuki Castle.

Ashika Island has been developed by the High Moon Studios, the team behind Fortune's Keep, a rework of Rebirth Island and various other Warzone events over the years. Fortune's Keep was received well by players so they will undoubtedly be hoping to continue their win streak.

A more detailed blog post is coming next week on 8 February which will explain everything players can expect for Warzone 2 Season 02. We will be sharing more information as it is revealed so be sure to follow us over on twitter to stay up to date.


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