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Ashika Island holds many secrets. Here is an easy to follow guide to complete the Fishing Easter Egg

| 20 February 2023 |


There are several Easter Eggs and hidden information across Ashika Island for players to explore and discover. Today we are showing you how to complete the 'Fishing' Easter Egg found in Warzone 2 Resurgence. As with a lot of Easter Eggs it involves a little bit of RNG luck but it's super easy to do.

Step 1 - Find some FISH

Before we begin - make sure you are carrying an explosive of some kind. Frag grenade or Semtex does the job but basically anything that explodes should work.

First thing you need to do is find a fish in the water. Start by searching the coastline or the mouths to the Waterway's. You'll know when you find it as a giant fish is jumping out of the water.

Step 2 - Go Fishing, American style.

Use the explosive you are carrying to blow up the fish. This may require a little bit of accuracy as the schools of fish can spawn a little further out to sea. You can swim up to them to make yourself more accurate if you like.

Once you have blown them up the dead fish will float to the surface of the water, collect them and head over to the Beach Club. Beach Club is located at the South West edge of Ashika Island.

Step 3 - Feed the Sea Lion

Once you have reached Beach Club locate the Sea Lion statue (Ashika is Japanese for Sea Lion) a prompt will appear on-screen to "Feed Fish". Interactive with it and the Sea Lion will bark upon being fed. If you feed the Sea Lion 3 fish it will drop a piece of equipment.

There are no real rewards for completing this Easter Egg like we have seen in previous Call of Duty games, it is more of a fun little thing to show your buddies. It was stated by High Moon Studios, the creators of Ashika Island, that more Easter Eggs can be expected as Season 02 progresses so this could be connected to a larger Easter Egg in the future.

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