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Call of Duty is reimagining it's self this year with an overhaul of old systems and the introduction of new modes. Let's take a deeper look at DMZ.


Extraction-based shooters have quickly become one of the most popular game types on the market. The most notable of all these being Escape from Tarkov. If you have never played EFT then allow us to fill you in.

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore shooter where players loot, kill and escape through extraction points across various maps. It is considered a high risk, high reward game. Every time you infill into a game you risk losing everything you have taken with you if you die. You either extract and take all the loot you had with you or die and lose everything you had with you. Savage, right?

So where does Call of Duty come into this? Well, Warzone 2.0 releases on November 16th and along with it comes the well-kept secret 'DMZ'. Infinity Ward's answer to Escape from Tarkov. As always, we will go over the facts, some speculation and some leaks.

According to the Call of Duty Blog 'DMZ' is an extraction mode where you will collect gear to keep in your Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 inventory and utilize from match to match. In EFT players can loot equipment like weapons, lethals, ammo, meds and so on before extracting, that they are able to keep and take into future matches. This sounds identical to what IW is saying in the blog post.

You will be able to team up with friends or go at it. Both options offer high risks. If you go in solo, you won't have any backup to take on larger squads, but with proximity chat you might be able to talk your way out of violent situations or even use it to join other players on a similar mission. If you go in as a squad, you are more likely to attract negative attention as you'll be seen as more of a threat to enemy players and teams.

DMZ will take place on the new Warzone 2.0 map, Al Mazrah. The entire map will be playable and without gas. AI will play a huge role in this mode, with strongholds and other types of bases guarded by AI soldiers. These locations will offer the best loot, if you and your team can take out all the bot enemies and any players trying to third party you. DMZ will reportedly have 100 real players per match, which sounds high compared to Tarkov matches that hold 14 users.

The looting system, vehicles and many other aspects of Warzone 2.0 seem to have been specifically designed to suit this new DMZ mode. Infinity Ward seems to be banking hard on this mode being a success. It is our hope that over time it can grow and expand into something truly excellent for Call of Duty. Time will tell if the players respond well to it or not.

DMZ launches alongside Warzone 2.0 on November 16th.



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