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Modern Warfare II Season 03 will introduce a new Camo Challenge like the one seen in the previous Season.


The Trophy Hunt event as we know it is coming to an end at the beginning of Season 03 Reloaded with a new Challenge for players to complete. Much like the one seen in the second half of Season 02, players are required to obtain x amount of kills in Multiplayer or Warzone 2.0 to unlock 2 NEW camouflages for weapons across all weapon classes.

Warzone 2.0 begins May 10 at 9 am PT // 1 pm ET // 5 pm UK // 6 pm CET.

Season 03 Reloaded Camo Challenge:

  • Assault Rifles: Get 250 Operator Kills

  • Battle Rifles: Get 30 Headshot Operator Kills

  • SMGs: Get 3 Operator Kills Without Dying 30 times

  • Shotguns - Get 30 Hipfire Operator Kills

  • LMGs: Get 50 Operator Kills While Mounted

  • Marksman Rifles: Get 25 Longshot Operator Kills

  • Sniper Rifles - Get 30 Longshot Operator Kills

  • Sidearms: Get 50 Operator Kills

  • Launcher - Get 40 Operator Kills

  • Melee - Get 30 Operator Kills from Behind

Complete all 10 challenges to unlock the second Trophy Hunt Camo and an exclusive Weapon Charm.

As more details are shared we will be posting the latest news, tips and guides so be sure to stay tuned. Follow us on Twitter for daily Call of Duty news and guides.


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