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Violet Stealth: Did Warzone just release Roze 3.0?

A new bundle has released on the store. It could be the next Roze skin...


We all know about the controversial Roze skin that terrorized players in darker spots of the map of Verdansk. Her complete black spandex outfit was barely visible in many locations across the Eastern European city which frustrated players no end. It looks like Roze has a successor in Vanguard so we decided to buy it and take a look.

The Violet Stealth Pro/Tracer Pack

  • 'Night Terror' Operator Skin for Florence

  • 'Violet Violence' Sniper Skin

  • 'Dark Ambient' Submachine gun skin (MP40)

  • 'Midnight Malice' Calling Card

  • 'Neon Artistry' Sticker

  • 'Funeral Director' Watch

  • 'Hooded Hell' Emblem

  • 2400 COD Points

Let's take a closer look at all the goodies you get with this pack.

'Night Terror' Operator Skin

The focus of this pack is of course the Roze 3.0 skin the 'Night Terror'. It is a skin for the operator Florence, she doesn't come with the base game so you'll unlock access to her by buying this pack meaning she be another operator you can level up to level 20.

We're hoping her bright pink trim will make her much easier to spot in darker corners of the map. Although, Caldera, Fortune's Keep and Rebirth Island are all bright maps now. Long gone are the days of shadowy corridors or stairwells in Verdansk.

They are clearly sticking with the World War II theme. This is a classic outfit spotted in many a History Channel documentary.

'Violet Violence' Sniper Skin - Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle

This Sniper rifle has a Neon Purple Tracer round meaning bullets will glow as they pass through the air. It doesn't always help with accuracy, but it looks bloody cool.

Our main problem with this is that the sniper rifles in Vanguard are utter dog shit. They are hardly worth taking out. In the latest patch they saw a slight buff but generally they feel too clunky and like they fire paintballs.

'Dark Ambient' Submachine Gun Skin - MP40

The MP40 is an absolute classic weapon in Call of Duty. When Vanguard launched it was the absolute meta-SMG of choice. Sadly, with various updates and patches it's been pushed to the side lines. It is still a fantastic choice, but it is now over shadowed by other faster, more accurate SMG's. It also comes with the Neon Purple Tracers.

Everything Else...

Buying this pack will give you a few smaller rewards too. A sticker, a Calling Card, an Emblem and a Watch. These are nice to have buy no one looks at any of this stuff, ever.

2400 COD Points

For buying this pack you will receive 2400 COD Points. That is the same price as buying a pack of points of the same amount. Which makes this a good deal if you are on the market for some COD Points anyway.

Should you buy it?

If you are looking to buy 2400 COD Points, then you absolutely should buy this pack. It is the same price as buying the same amount of COD Points and you get all these 'freebies' on top. There is a couple of cool blueprints in this pack and the Roze 3.0 is actually pretty neat looking too. We bought it as we wanted the points and thought it was a good bundle, but Warzone is and always will be a free to play game. You don't have to spend a penny to enjoy the same level of fun as someone who spends thousands on the game.



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