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Urzikstan POI Changes Coming in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded

Urzikstan poi changes season 4 reloaded

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 Reloaded will finally introduce some POI changes to Urzikstan. The Popov Power Planet will experience a DNA Bomb detonation after Soap and the gang fail to stop the ticking time bomb from going off.

This explosion will bring changes to the region that will also inspire a new game mode coming to Warzone when Season 4 Reloaded launches on June 26.

urzikstan dna bomb detonation

The region will be completely change with large scale damage done to the Power Plant and a green gooey DNA mess covering the ground and surrounding buildings.

The detonation will open new pathways around the point of interest and cover the vicinity in a toxic chemical agent. It isn't clear what damage or effects standing or being around this toxic waste will incur yet.

Players will be able to enter and explore the blast zone to look for clues or Easter Eggs pertaining to the future of Call of Duty as previously hidden tunnels will now be accessible.

urzikstan dna bomb detonation two

These changes will take effect from the beginning of Season 4 Reloaded on June 26. It is highly likely that these events will be shown in the S4R cinematic at the start of the Season Reloaded update.

Running along side this cataclysmic event is a 'Mutation Resurgence Quads' playlist. This mode will maintain the Resurgence rules but drop players into the vicinity of Popov Power plant but the chance to gain mutant powers will also be an option.

warzone season 4 reloaded mutations

There will be a total of 7 mutant abilities that players can find and use in the Mutation Resurgence playlist:

  • Bioshield: Creates a protective bubble that blocks incoming damage but allows you to shoot out from within this sphere.

  • Divebomb: Rocket into the air, then dive towards a target. On impact any nearby enemies are damaged and pushed back.

  • Mutant Leap: Perform a charged jump that covers vast distances.

  • Toxic Stim Cloud: Deploy a poisonous cloud that inflicts damage to enemies and boosts your squad mates’ speed for a short duration.

  • Sludge Sling: Toss sludge grenades that explode into a toxic gas cloud on impact. The gas slows and damages enemies over time.

  • Mutant Cloak: Turn partially invisible for a short time. You leave green footprints while cloaked.

  • Mutant Vision: See enemies outlined in red through walls for a short duration.

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