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Ubisoft+ Subscription Service Launches New Lower Cost 'Classics' Subscription Tier

| GNG Gaming News | Published: January 16, 2024 |

Ubisoft+ just got a new subscription tier that is more affordable than the Premium service, named Classics. It is half the price of Ubisoft+ Premium but obviously comes with a reduced offering of playable content.

The new Classics tier will set you back £6.99 a month, which is less than half the price of Premium that sits at £14.99 a month.

Subscribing to Ubisoft+ Classics gives you access to over 50 of the publishers slightly older games in their catalogue. That being said it still includes the companies most popular IP's such as Rain Bow Six Siege, a variety of Assassins Creed titles, Watch Dogs and Ghost Recon to name a few.

Ubisoft+ Classics subscribers get:

  • Over 50 iconic games on PC with Ubisoft Connect

  • Access to Standard Editions

If you are wanting to play the latest Ubisoft games through Ubisoft Connect or Xbox you will need to opt in for the more expensive tier Ubisoft+ Premium.

Ubisoft+ Premium subscribers get:

  • Over 100 games on PC via Ubisoft Connect

  • Day 1 Releases and Early Access

  • Higher Edition Access

  • Monthly Rewards

  • Discounts, Deals, and 10% off Virtual Currencies

  • Select Games via Cloud with Luna

  • Select Games via Xbox

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