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A NEW event is now live in Warzone 2, Modern Warfare II and DMZ. This is an easy to follow guide on how to complete the new event and unlock everything it has to offer.


A new event has gone live in Warzone 2.0 Season 03 that allows players to earn tokens to unlock various exclusive rewards over the next 25 days. This is a guide on how to collect and secure these tokens in Warzone 2, Modern Warfare II Multiplayer and DMZ.

Redeeming Trophies

Earned trophies can be traded in on the main menu of the game under the 'Events' tab. A selection of rewards are available to everyone and cost an increasing amount of tokens to unlock.

Warzone 2 Trophy Event Guide

Finding Trophy Hunt tokens in Warzone 2 is fairly straight forward. They can be collected from Loot Crates or from dead enemies. They should automatically be collected when you get close to them, they can be manually stowed as well.

You'll need to take the collected tokens to a nearby Trophy Station. These randomly spawn across either Al Mazrah or Ashika Island. Walk up to the machine and press the interact button to secure the tokens. You can carry a maximum of 8 tokens at a time, if you die you will lose them all so be sure to secure them when it is safe to do so.

Each match will only (currently) allow you to collect and secure 8 Trophies.

DMZ Trophy Event Guide

Gathering Trophies in DMZ is even easier. Collect them from dead AI bots or enemy players. The process is the same as Warzone 2, collect the tags and secure them at the designated Trophy Stations.

The amount of Trophies you can secure each match is increased, compared to Warzone 2, the maximum per match in DMZ is 12. To locate the Trophy Station find the white circle on the map that contains a Skull and '03', this is the logo for Season 03.

Modern Warfare II Multiplayer Trophy Hunt Guide

Multiplayer allows a maximum of 6 Trophies per match, collect them like you would dog tags from dead enemies. They don't always drop so you need to continue to collect them over the course of the match.

To secure the Trophies in Multiplayer you just need to finish the game, you will not lose them on death so have at it. If you are looking to get through this as fast as possible we recommend the faster game modes like TDM or Kill Confirmed rather than Domination that takes much longer to complete.

Trophy Hunt Event Rewards

We think that this is a good event as everyone can earn tokens pretty passively just by playing their favourite mode. It doesn't require that much skill but we do think the amount of Trophies players earn per match needs to be increased across all 3 modes.

As an example the 'Trophy Hunt Master' Calling Card requires 1000 Trophies to be collected. That is 83 games of DMZ, 125 games of Warzone 2 or 167 games of Modern Warfare II Multiplayer just for a single item in the Event tab.

More rewards will be available to unlock on April 26. Follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date with everything Call of Duty.


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