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| GNG NEWS COD | Published: November 11, 2023 |


If you were one of the players who Pre-Ordered the Vault Edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III you will have received various bonus items for splashing the cash. One such pre-order incentive was the 'Soul Harvester' M4 Blueprint skin.

The Soul Harvester is a pretty badass weapon skin with a neat Purple Tracer effect and dismemberment Death Effect. Additionally, during the Halloween 'The Haunting' event, players who used the Blueprint gained extra souls during the Soul Capture event.

Now, this was a pre-order bonus for Modern Warfare III so what was the point of a Modern Warfare II weapon that gave advantages in MWII and Warzone? Modern Warfare II weapons are available in Modern Warfare III Multiplayer and Zombies.

The Soul Harvester comes with one very Modern Warfare III Specific bonus, a Zombie bonus effect. It comes with a built in Dead Wire Ammo Mod. If you have played Zombies you will have come across the Ammo Mods pretty quickly as they are fairly common. They add a bonus effect to bullets that make you deadlier against the undead. Effects such as Fire, Electricity, and Ice modifiers.

This of course opens the door to future MWZ store Bundles as we saw with DMZ-specific bundles during Modern Warfare II's lifecycle. We could, and very likely will, see more and more bundles focused on Weapon Blueprints, Operators and possibly even Vehicle skins that carry additional bonuses that can be used to gain advantage in Urzikstan battling Zombs.

Of course, the real question remains that is this really pay to win? Modern Warfare Zombies is a strictly Player vs Environment game with no Player vs Player at all. One thing we are sure of is that this is just the beginning of the full monetization of MWIII's Zombie mode moving forward.

Do you agree that this is a pay to win feature or not? Let us know on X/Twitter where we post Daily Call of Duty News, Guides and more.


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