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Leaks are doing the rounds that suggest the popular Resurgance mode is returning sooner rather than later.

| 05 December |


Warzone 2.0 launched with one large map, Al Mazrah, with Infinity Ward claiming that no 'small' map experience would be coming until 2023. Recent leaks may suggest otherwise. Allegedly a Resurgence mode map has been leaked online (as seen above and below).

From the leaked image it would appear this map will be used for multiple modes. Resurgence, Ground War and even DMZ. As you can see from the text in the image Resurgence could have 50 players per lobby with Ground War 24 vs 24. DMZ in Al Mazrah can hold up-to 66 players so if we had a guess at a Rebirth DMZ mode its can't be more than 20 players.

The leak comes via @DMZmode on Twitter but it has since been DMCA'd by Activision. Does this mean that there is some truth to these leaks? Hopefully, we find out soon. You can also find more information @WarzoneQG

Resurgence was first introduced to Warzone players with Rebirth Island. It allows dead users to return to the battlefield after a countdown timer expires rather than bought back like in the traditional BR experience. Generally, it offers a much faster-paced, high kill gameplay. Players were frustrated to find that Warzone 1 (now known as Warzone Caldera) had both Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep removed.

2023 is a big ask of this large portion of the community and we think Infinity Ward needs to speed it up. A work around could be to reintroduce the 'Resurgence' game mode but using Al Mazrah just like Caldera did. The game starts with a much smaller circle, less players and automatic respawns.

We really hope this leak is real and a Resurgence map is coming soon. We'll keep you updated as more information appears online.


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