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| GNG NEWS COD | Published: October 21, 2023 |


Call of Duty 'The Haunting' event is now in full swing with Zombie Royale and Vondead both included into the mix. These new Playlists offer a couple of new Easter Eggs for players to complete and unlock exclusive rewards. Today we are showing you how to unlock the Witch's Book Easter Egg and earn the SO-14 'Witch's Stick' Blueprint.

There are two ways in which players can unlock this Easter Egg. We'll show you the longer, proper way first and then the quickest way to achieve it.

The proper way of completing this challenge is to first enter Vondel. You can do this in the 'Vondead' playlist or by waiting for Vondel to rotate in on Zombie Royale. Drop straight to the Vondel Graveyard and go to the most Western Crypt. Inside this Crypt you will find a summoning table. Activate the Summon.

Once activated you will now need to travel over to the Windmill that is glowing green. Inside the Windmill on the ground floor will be a summoning pentagon glowing green, in the centre of this pentagon you should see the Witch's Stick Blueprint. Pick it up to unlock the Secret Challenge.

Now, the problem with this method is that as soon as you hit the Summon button at the Graveyard, the Blueprint will appear at the Windmill meaning that anyone who is already there can steal it. If you want to complete the Easter Egg properly we recommend that either a teammate or yourself simultaneously drop to Graveyard and Windmill so that one player can active whilst the other collects.

This leads us on to our second, far easier method. Let someone else do the work for you. Full send your squad to Windmill and wait for another team to complete the Summon activation. The Blueprint will appear, so long as one of your team are the first to pick up the Blueprint you will all earn and unlock the Secret Challenge Blueprint.

The 'Witch's Stick' is an SO-14 Blueprint as you can see below. Stay tuned for more Call of Duty The Haunting guides and more. Follow us on X/Twitter for Daily COD News, Guides and more.

Shout to @McfishMr on being the first in the World to complete this Easter Egg. You can find his video guide below.


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