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The Call of Duty Operator Skin with a Saddening Story Behind It

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare had a mixed reception when it first released in 2014. This Operator Skin intially annoyed Players but has a very sad story behind it.


Advanced Warfare released in 2014 to mixed reviews. It was the first time Call of Duty had jumped far into the future and took boots off the ground. Players could jump high through the air and use futuristic laser weapons to take down enemies. It also introduced Loot Boxes and Cosmetic items to the franchise.

"@MichaelCondrey @GlenSchofield Whatever you guys do next, PLEASE keep the theme and atmosphere a live in MP and don't add gingerbreads.." User Via Twitter

One such item that could be obtained in the game was a Gingerbread Man operator skin. Intially players were angry, they felt that such a skin had no place in the game, citing it as silly and stupid that they were facing down against a literal Gingerbread Man in a first-person shooter (we'd love to hear what those guys have to say about modern Call of Duty games and Fortnite skins).

The behind-the-scenes story about this skin actually goes much harder. It was suggested and implemented into the game through the Make-a-Wish Foundation. A young fan who was sadly dying from a terminal illness asked the then Director of Sledgehammer Games, Michael Condrey, to put the skin into the game.

"The GBMan was designed by a Make-A-Wish gamer as his holiday AW gear set, w/ his name in icing. It was humbling, and an honor." Michael Condrey via Twitter

Although fans may have met the skin with hostility, it is safe to say that this is one of Call of Duties finest moments. The name of the Make-a-Wish kid is Julian, this is written across the chest of the skin in icing. Rest in Peace, Julian.

In Memory of Julian.



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