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The Boys x Call of Duty Operator Bundle Rumored Release Dates

| GNG Gaming News | Published: January 20, 2024 |

The Boys are back in Call of Duty with 3 returning Operator Bundles, 2 brand-new ones, and The Boys: Super Siege event which is offers exclusive rewards for completing challenges.

A-Train and Firecracker will both be purchasable in the Call of Duty universe over the next few weeks, with Homelander, Black Noir, and Starlight returning to the Modern Warfare III and Warzone store.

This is the second time the popular FPS franchise has crossed over with the hit Amazon TV Show The Boys. Players will have a second chance to pick up the original Operators and had a couple more to their inventory.

The Boys Operator Bundle Release Dates

Starlight - January 17

Homelander - January 21

Black Noir - January 25

Firecracker - January 29

A-Train - February 2

Below you can find what each new Operator Bundle will include, from their Weapon Blueprints to Finishing Moves.

Tracer Pack: The Boys 'A-Train' Operator Bundle

A-Train (Operator Skin)

Turbocharged (Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint)

Fast AF (SMG Weapon Blueprint)

Here Comes the A-Train (Calling Card)

A-Train (Weapon Sticker)

Turbo Rush Energy Drink (Weapon Charm)

Worlds Fastest Man Animated (Calling Card)

The Boys A-Train (Loading Screen)

Fastest Man in the World (Finishing Move)

Tracer Pack: The Boys 'Firecracker' Operator Bundle

Firecracker (Operator Skin)

Smoking Gun (Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint)

Fellow Patriot (LMG Weapon Blueprint)

Firecracker (Weapon Sticker)

Second Protects (Weapon Charm)

Eagle Eyed (Animated Emblem)

Freedom of Speech (Finishing Move)

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