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The Boys: Supe Siege Event Challenges and Rewards in Modern Warfare III and Warzone

| GNG Gaming News | Published: January 31, 2024 |

The third and final The Boys event is now live in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone. Players can complete 6 new Challenges to unlock exclusive rewards including the The Boys Special Weapon Blueprint for the TAQ Eradicator.

We've put together a list of all 6 challenges for both Modern Warfare III Multiplayer and Warzone. Completing all 6 challenges will reward you with the for mentioned Weapon Blueprint.

Note: Challenges are not available for Modern Warfare Zombies.

The Boys: Supe Siege Event Challenges & Rewards

Modern Warfare III Multiplayer

  • Get 1 Operator Heat vision Kill in The Boys Mode - Keeping America Safe Calling Card.

  • Deactivate 20 Pieces of Equipment using DDOS 0 Vought News Network Emblem.

  • Get 45 Operator Kills using the MTZ-762 - 1 x Battle Pass Tier Skip Token.

  • Get 2 Operator Kills in a Single Life with the Overkill Vest equipped 5 times - Hometeam Motto Large Decal.

  • Get 15 Operator Akimbo Kills - Timothy Charm.

  • Get 7 Operator Kills using Lethal Equipment - 1 x Double XP Token.


  • In Warzone, Get 5 Operator Kills with Sniper Rifles - Keeping America Safe Calling Card.

  • In Warzone, Make 15 Purchases at Buy Stations - Vought News Network Emblem.

  • In Warzone, Get 15 Operator Kills with Marksmen Rifles - 1 x Battle Pass Tier Skip.

  • In Warzone, Get 10 Operator Headshot Kills - Hometeam Motto Large Decal.

  • In Warzone, Loot 30 Supply Boxes - Timothy Charm.

  • In Warzone, Win 3 Gulag Matches - 1 x Double XP Token.

Completing 6 Challenges will unlock the The Boys Special TAQ Eradicator Weapon Blueprint. Challenges can be completed in either or both modes depending on your preference.

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