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The Boys: Black Noir now available in Modern Warfare III and Warzone

| GNG Gaming News | Published: January 25, 2024 |

The 4th The Boys Operator Bundle has dropped in the Modern Warfare III and Warzone store giving players who missed Black Noir the first time around last year, another chance to pick up the silent killer.

This bundle will set you back 2400 COD Points and includes Black Noir, Weapon Blueprints, Melee Weapon Skin, Finishing Move, and other cosmetic items.

  • Black Noir (Operator Skin)

  • Quiet Rage (Chimera) Weapon Blueprint

  • Unspoken Words (FJX Imperium) Weapon Blueprint

  • Noir's Blades (Dual Kodachis) Weapon Blueprint

  • Shh (Finishing Move)

  • Noir's Knife (Weapon Charm)

  • Black Noir (Weapon Sticker)

  • The Boys Black Noir (Loading Screen)

  • Buster (Emblem)

Check out the video below to see a preview of every item that is included with The Boys: Black Noir Operator Bundle in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone now. This Bundle costs 2400 COD Points.

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