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Steam Modder's are trying to salvage mega-failure The Day Before

| GNG Gaming News | Published: December 31, 2023 |

The Day Before had red flags, alarm bells, and skepticism, the works surrounding it from the day it was announced until the day it was released. On December 7, 2023 after several delays it finally launched and our worst fears were realized.

The game was virtually unplayable due to bugs, crashes, errors, everything in the book, not to mention it was a completely different game to the one originally promised by the developers.

Within four days after launch the game was completely abandoned by the studio behind it and quickly turned into mayhem of players trying to get refunds before the companies staff vanished into the abyss.

Well, now Steam Modder's are attempting to salvage what they can from the over-promised MMO, survival game. Luci0 and fskartd are currently working on an Offline Mod to throw the soon to be removed from steam (January 22, 2024) game a life-line.

No promises or ETA's as of now. It's very early, and me + fskartd are doing our best: More info will come once it's available." - Luci0

What legalities surround this game and how these two Steam Modder's might keep a game around that is destined for the incinerator remains unclear but we wish them the best of luck in salvaging something from this once very promising title.

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