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Shi No Numa: Wunderwaffe DG-2 Easter Egg Guide (Vanguard Zombies)

Easy guide to craft the Wunderwaffe DG-2 in Vanguards Shi No Numa remastered classic.


Step 1 - Find the Weapon Barrel (Fishing Hut)

First of all you'll need to collect the Weapon Barrel from the shelves in the Fishing Hut. You'll find it on these shelves directly to the right as you walk through the huts doors.

Note: If you are unsure of locations at any point you can see the minimap and compass locations are visable in each screenshot.

Step 2 - Comm Room + Radio Tower

Head over to the Comm Room exterior and find the generator, its a green box in the water. Insert the Weapon Barrel. Lightening will strike the generator and spark. You must defend the Radio Tower. Be warned this will spawn a wave of Zombies, Boom Schreiers and Strumkrieger's.

Once you've successfully defended the generator you will be able to collect the Weapon Barrel.

Step 3 - Collect the Charged Vacuum Tube

Once you have completed the Defend the Radio Tower objective you will also be able to collect a Charged Vacuum Tube from the radio in the Comm Room hut.

Step 4 - Collect the Electrical Fuse

In the same Comm Room hut there is a desk with an Electrical Fuse on it. Pick it up. These pieces are very easy to spot as they glow orange.

Step 5 - Activate the Storage Hut trap

Go to the Storage Hut and activate the electrical trap. The trap will malfunction and require repairing. Insert the Electrical Fuse to repair it.

Once repaired you need to kill zombies using the trap, I counted this to be about 5-6 kills. An audio clip will play to signal its completion.

NOTE: As you progress through this Easter Egg, glowing Charged Vacuum Tube's will begin to appear on the DG-2 Workbench so you can track how much you've completed.

Step 6 - Charge the Tesla coils

This requires Zabala who begins to spawn at Round 15. Take her to the Tesla Coil in the Main Hut (Excavation Room) and let her target you with her lightening attack while you are next to it. Make sure you dodge the actual attack each time. She needs to hit it about 9 times so be patient. Once it is fully charged a yellow glowing Charged Vaccum Tube will appear on the desk to the right of the Tesla Coil. Pick it up.

Step 7 - Crafting Time

Head back to the Storage Hut where the Wunderwaffe DG-2 bench is located. You will now be able to craft the Wonder Weapon and use it as you see fit.


The Wunderwaffe DG-2 is now complete. It is most effective against large groups of zombies. It will fire electrical bolts that chain nearby enemies so be sure to get them to bunch up. You only get 3 shots per magazine so choose your shots wisely.


The DG-2 can be Pack-a-Punched as well, giving it more ammo, bigger magazine size and stronger lightening damage. It looks badass too.



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