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Santa's Slay potential Easter Egg found in Warzone Battle Royale

| GNG Gaming News | Published: December 22, 2023 |

After the recent discovery of the Krampus Easter Egg in Warzone, players have found yet another potential Easter Egg waiting to be solved. A crashed Santa's Slay can be found on the Island South East of Shahin Manor.

The crashed Santa's slay can be found on the Northern coast of the Island situated near Shahin Manor on the Southern border of Urzikstan. This crashed Santa-mobile can only be seen in the Battle Royale mode. It does not appear in Slay Ride Resurgence or Modern Warfare Zombies.

A hoof and antler of the infamous Krampus can be seen sticking out of the ground - although, this cannot be interacted with like the Krampus arm on Slay Ride Resurgence. It remains to be seen if this is part of a larger Easter Egg or if it simply a nod to the festive period in good fun.

Our gut feeling is that it is part of a larger hidden secret but it remains a mystery, for now at least.

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