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New Redfall details were revealed at the Xbox Developer_Direct event earlier this week. Detailing it's release date, pre-order bonuses and bite-back edition.

| 29 January 2023 |


Bethesda's 'Redfall' is coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC on May 2, 2023, with it being available, day one, on Xbox Game Pass. The vampire hunting first-person shooter is now available to pre-order and it comes with some bonus content.

Pre-order / Play on Game Pass

If you pre-order or play Redfall on Game Pass you will receive the 'Vampire Hunter Pack' that includes an arsenal of weapons to use in game from day one.

  • Polar Vortex Multi-Weapon Skin

  • Grim Tide Shotgun

  • Blood Ravager Stake Weapon Attachment

'Bite Back' Digital Edition

The 'Bite Back' edition of the game is also available now. You can either buy the game's special edition package for $99 or upgrade to the bite-back version through game pass for $30. You'll receive bonus outfits, a hero pass and more weapon skins.

  • Engineer Volunteer (Remi Outfit)

  • Northern Expedition (Devinder Outfit)

  • War Clothes (Layla Outfit)

  • Eyes in the Dark (Jacob Outfit)

  • Redfall Hero Pass (two future heroes)

  • Laser Beam Multi-Weapon Skin

  • Tactical Knife Stake Weapon Attachment


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