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Raven Software TEASES First Look at Rebirth Island Returning to Warzone in 2024

| GNG Gaming News | Published: January 19, 2024 |

Raven Software has teased the return of one of their key Warzone features, Specialist Bonus. The Specialist Bonus is discoverable loot from Loot Caches and other means. Once found it will give the player every single perk, making it an incredible valuable piece of loot.

But, more importantly, this image gives us our first look at Rebirth Island that is returning to Warzone in 2024.

The image shows an updated version of the Specialist Bonus, previously it looked more like a dog tag found in Kill Confirmed, now it seems to be closer to a Perk Package visually.

The big news here is that it shows the top of the tower located towards the northern end of Rebirth Island. We really can't see much in the background of the image but it is a clear statement that we are getting closer to the return of the fan-favourite map.

The Specialist Bonus package is leaning up against the top of the tower found in the Headquarters section of Rebirth Island.

Fortunes Keep, Rebirth Island and Verdansk are all expected to return to the Call of Duty Battle Royale mode this year with Fortune's Keep expected first. Could this be a signal that Raven have switched things up and it'll be Rebirth Island coming back first?

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