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New Warzone Contracts - Black Market Runs & Cash Extraction

Season 4 is packed full of new maps and content for players. It also introduces two new contracts for Warzone.


Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune is right around the corner, launching on June 22nd. The update brings us a huge dump of content including a brand new Warzone map, a round-based zombies experience, changes to Caldera and two new Multiplayer maps for Vanguard. That's not all, there is a few smaller features that are being thrown into the game as well. So let's take a look at them.

New Warzone Contract: Black Market Run

This is a brand new contract. It will work like Supply Run contracts with a twist. With Supply Run's players must reach a certain buy station before the timer runs out. Once completed the player gets a discount on any buyable item in the shop or a free Self-Revive. Black Market Run's will give a different reward.

How to complete a Black Market Run

  1. Collect a Black Market Run contract from the ground.

  2. Go to the specified Buy-Station location before time runs out.

  3. Once at the Buy-Station the contract will be completed. Open the Station to collect your reward.

What Rewards do you get for a Black Market Run contract?

  • Sequencer Grenade

  • Nebula V Minigun

  • Foresight (shows all remaining circles)

  • Specialist Bonus

NOTE: These items won't be free, you'll have to buy them but they are exclusive to the Black Market Buy-Stations. They cannot be bought or looted otherwise.

New Warzone Contract: Cash Extraction

This contract will be exclusively for Fortune's Keep, at least to begin with. This contract will see you ambush and kill enemy NPC's that are attempting to escape Fortune's Keep with a bunch of loot.

How to complete a Cash Extraction

  1. Cash Extractions are signalled by flares like buy-backs or Recon contracts. Head to the marked location.

  2. Kill all the NPC's before they escape.

NOTE: The flare can be seen by all players. It is highly likely this will attract other players or teams. Watch out for being ambushed yourself.

What Rewards do you get for a Cash Extraction contract?

  • Piles of Cash

  • Possibly Weapon Blueprints or other Rewards (Speculation)

Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune releases on June 22nd. Be sure to follow us on our social media pages to get the latest intel and guides.



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