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| GNG News COD | Published: June 18, 2023 |


DMZ Season 04 introduced a secret item that could be game changing for Solo players and those wishing to avoid intense combat constantly, especially on maps like Ashika Island and Vondel.

The item titled 'Disguise' changes the operator skin of the player who wears it so they blend in with the AI Bots around them. This has several obvious advantages but comes at a price.

The 'Disguise' item works just like the Night Vision Goggles, it is tabbed on and off in the players inventory. It is found in Crates, Duffle Bags and Lockers. It seems relatively rare an item at the moment as we personally haven't found one yet.

"Alters appearance to match occupying forces. Identity will be revealed to enemies at close ranges or by exhibiting suspicious behaviour." Disguise Description

The first advantage is that 'fellow' AI Bots mistake you for one of their own meaning they do not open fire on you, unless of course you are not acting like a bot. This includes things like bunny hopping across the map, firing an unsuppressed weapon or getting too close to the Bots.

The second advantage to this item is that real players are less likely to engage or chase you down if they think you are just another bot wandering off in the fog. Again, your 'Disguise' can fail if you get too close or you start trying to shoot your way out of a situation that will result in a gun fight.

As it was secretly added to the game, we believe that Infinity Ward might be testing the item to see how players respond and its usefulness. It could be the start of a new way for Solo and Combat shy players to enjoy the game in a bit more peace.

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